Teak Butcherblock Countertop

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Project Name: Teak Butcher-Block Countertop

Manufactured By: Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, LLC

Project Date: August 1, 2015

Wood Type: 4/4 S4S Trinidad Teak

Location: Jupiter, Florida

Project Time: 10 days – Start to Finish

Accessories: Waterfall/Mitered Edge

Description: The couple we did this Teak Butcher Block Counter-Top project for was initially quoted an unimaginable price by another Teak supplier. They came to us for a more affordable alternative. We recommended they use Trinidad Teak Wood. Their request was for a unique piece of wooden art to use as their kitchen island counter top. We hand selected the most unique pieces of Trinidad Teak wood we had and got right to work! We used 4/4 Trinidad Teak Wood instead of the traditional 12/4 Burmese Teak. Our plan was to make it look as though it was a true 3″ thick Teak wood butcher block counter top. By doing this it lowered the cost by about 65%. We surfaced and straightened all the Teak boards and began to join them. Once we had the top portion of the counter top together we put a mitered edge on it and applied the sides which were also mitered. We installed solid 8/4 Teak bracing on the underside for optimal support. Once the entire Teak counter top was assembled we sanded to a smooth uniform finish. We then wiped the work piece down with denatured alcohol to remove and loose sanding dust. We finish-sanded the top with 320 grit and wiped once more with denatured alcohol. Once we were finished we sealed the piece with Minwax Teak Oil, which gave it a true rich Teak wood color. Although this project took us slightly longer than we anticipated, but it turned out to be a true work of wooden art.

If you have plans our need a little advice on your Teak wood project SEND US AN EMAIL! We are more than happy to help guide you. We supply both Trinidad Teak Wood and FEQ Burmese Teak, and can rip, chop, surface, and supply all of our woods at the most competitive prices today.

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