About Us

Who We Are

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! CaribTeak.com is brought to you by Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, L.L.C. Your leading source for Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods!

Initially based on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, in 2012 we decided to expand our service of supplying Exotic Woods through-out the United States and the rest of the Caribbean. We quickly became a direct importer of Trinidad Teak, Genuine West Indian Mahogany, and Spanish Red Cedar. Our rapidly growing reputation helped us develop strong relationships with others in the lumber industry. These relationships have now allowed us to supply our customers with many other types of Exotic Lumber as well as a few types of Domestic Hardwoods.   Burmese Teak, Ipe, Sapele, Maple, Poplar, and Western Red Cedar are just some of the species we carry.

What We Do

We have the ability to mill and ship our fine hardwoods at a lower cost than our competitors. Whether you need a full container load or just a small bundle of hardwood to repair a small project, we can hand select, rip, cup, surface, and/or mill our hardwoods in almost any form you prefer. Our customers come from an array of industries such as custom mill-works, high-end cabinetry, custom furniture, boat building, and marine restoration.

Wholesale Lumber
Trees of Trinidad; Teak, Spanish Cedar, and Mahogany

Why We Do It

We take pride in what we do! Our mission is to make purchasing Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods on the web an easy and pleasant experience while maintaining a deep respect for such precious natural resources. One of our top priorities is to supply such fine hardwoods at the lowest prices in the industry without sacrificing quality or customer service.

Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, L.L.C. is committed to the support of a sustainable environment. We use vital practices that help us preserve our timber resources for future generations to meet their own needs. We strive to provide long-term economic benefits for the areas where we operate.

Sustainability stems from the durability of our wood.

We distribute fine wood products that last! The durability of our lumber products prolongs the trees life cycle and conserves the resources.  We only supply slow growth forestry products. As a direct importer of these quality fine hardwoods, we pledge our continuous support for reforestation efforts to preserve the natural wonder of wood for generations to come.


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