Burmese Teak Wood For Sale

Our Old Growth FEQ Burmese Teak Wood for sale is a close-grained hardwood with high natural silica content. It is one of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all Exotic Hardwoods. Burmese Teak Wood is highly resistant to any rotting or decay. Its durability can withstand any environment whether it be sun, rain, frost or even snow. Burmese Teak Lumber requires very little maintenance regardless of its atmosphere. These characteristics make FEQ Burmese Teak the ideal hardwood for all outdoor applications.

Old Growth FEQ Burmese Teak Wood has been the choice of boat builders for centuries. Primarily seen on million-dollar yachts Burmese Teak Wood is now the go-to choice for designers of hotels and upscale homes. Aside from its inherent beauty, Burmese Teak is one of the most valuable and sought after of all hardwoods.

FEQ Burmese Teak Lumber For Sale – Prices Starting at $19.95/Board Foot*

Length (In Feet) Widths (In Inches) Thickness (By 1/4″) In Stock?
6′ 4” – 12” 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
7′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
8′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
9′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
10′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
12′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 YES
14′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 CONTACT US
16′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 CONTACT US
18′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 CONTACT US
20′ 4″ – 12″ 4/4 – 5/4 – 8/4 CONTACT US

Price subject to 100/BF min. Please CONTACT US directly for wholesale or bulk pricing and inquiries. View our Lumber Pricing Page for detailed pricing.

Stock Info of Our FEQ Burmese Teak Wood For Sale:

  • FEQ Burmese Teak (First European Quality)
  • Plain Sawn and Quarter Sawn Available*
  • No Sapwood
  • No Knots
  • No Pithing
  • Golden Brown Straight Consistent Grain
  • Free of Imperfections
  • Kiln Dried to 8% Moisture Content

Rough Sawn FEQ Burmese Teak Lumber For Sale

Rough Sawn FEQ Burmese Teak Wood For Sale

Our Rough Sawn Old Growth FEQ Burmese Lumber is readily available for shipment within 24 hours of placing your order depending on our workload. The surfacing, edging, and finishing is completed by the customer or woodworker. The material has not been machined in anyway aside from being ripped on the band saw. The cost of this material is less than S4S, or Finish Ready Teak.

S4S FEQ Burmese Teak Lumber For Sale

S4S FEQ Burmese Teak Wood For Sale

Our S4S Burmese Teak Lumber takes a little more time to process. All of the Teak board(s) will be surfaced on both sides/faces to a smooth finish. Both edges are surfaced and straightened as well. Light sanding on surfaced sides/faces will be required by the customer or woodworker.

Finish Ready FEQ Burmese Teak Wood For Sale

Species Information of Our FEQ Burmese Teak Wood For Sale:

  • OTHER NAMES: Genuine Teak, True Teak, Asian Teak, Java Teak, Tek, Teck, Jati, Burma Teak
  • ORIGIN: Native to India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Philipines, and Java
  • APPEARANCE: Heartwood dark golden yellow that turns todark brown with exposure to sunlight. Can vary in color when freshly milled showing blotches and streaks in various colors. Sapwood is usually pale yellow to creamy white. Grain straight and sometimes wavy. The Texture is coarse and uneven with a waxy feel due to high silica content.
  • DENSITY: Janka scale hardness is 1,155 for kiln dry material.
  • WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs. per board foot
  • DRYING: Dries very slowly with little to no degrade.
  • WORKABILITY: Easily worked when knives, blades, and cutters are very sharp. May have blunting effect over short period of time. Glues exceptionally well. May sometimes cause dermatitis to some individuals with skin allergies.
  • DURABILITY: Heartwood is very durable with resistance to termites, decay or rot.
  • PRESERVATION: Highly resistant to preservative treatments and stains
  • FINISHING: Finishes well, Teak oil is a standard finish

FEQ Burmese Teak Wood vs Trinidad Teak Wood

Burmese Teak Trees are much older than a typical Trinidad Teak Tree we harvest, at least by a few decades. This gives the tree a chance to grow in to itself so to speak. The grain of Burmese Teak is almost always uniform and consistent. The color is slightly darker than Trinidad Teak Wood and is more waxy. This wax, also known as silica, is what helps repel moisture and prolongs the life and durability of the wood. The high silica content of Burmese Teak wood creates a non-skid surface perfect for exposed exterior applications such as boat decking.

Burmese Teak is a True Gift of Nature to the Marine Industry.

Please Note: The image(s) listed on this page are to demonstrate color and grain variation of the type of wood being described. The image is not intended as swatch to choose from. Wood is natural and ranges in color and grain pattern from tree to tree. Each individual board will have its own unique characteristics. Our FEQ Burmese Teak Hardwoods for sale is special ordered from our vendor or sawmill. Fulfillment times may vary, but generally take 3-5 days to arrive at our facility. 


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