Hardwoods Cut To Order

Aside from supplying rough sawn hardwoods like FEQ Burmese Teak, Genuine Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar, we also offer a Cut To Order Service. Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, L.L.C. can surface, chop, or rip all of our hardwoods to your specific requirements with no delay in delivery! If you are unsure about the plans for your project, we can prepare the material for you to make the last cuts. Keep in mind we are not a manufacturer. We can merely provide you material that is semi-ready for the task(s) you attempt to take on. These types of processes are commonly known to many as S4S Lumber or Finish Ready Material.

Ways you can order your hardwoods

Rough Sawn – This is wood that has not touched a machine in any way other than being milled in to a board from a log. The board will come rough from the bandsaw marks and not straight. You or the woodworker will have to surface, rip, square, and/or chop the board in to your project’s requirements. We will ship you whole boards banded and bundles. The rest of your creation is truly up to you!

Surfaced (S4S) – All four sides of the board will be smooth and straight. This service makes life a lot easier for you! We guarantee it! As long as the board it butt up against the saw’s fence evenly, you will be able to rip and/or chop the piece knowing you are getting a clean even cut with each pass. All surfaced hardwoods will be shipped as S4S (surfaced on all four sides). This means you will get smooth square wood with straight edges that is ready to be worked.


  • Surfaced (S4S) service does not include ripping or chopping.
  • If your saw’s fence is not perfectly square it will reflect in your board when you cut. Please check the square of your fence before cutting in to the board.
  • If you choose to use this Cut To Order Service, please remember to request whether you want your wood surfaced or S4S. If you do not request this service, all material you order will be billed and shipped as whole rough-sawn lumber. We will not be able to accommodate a return or exchange if you do not specify the service(s) you need when placing your order.

Cutting and Ripping – Please give us the exact final size dimensions you need your hardwood(s) to be. We will cut it to length and/or rip it to width. We will add any wastage and costs associated to doing so and ship you exactly what you need. We suggest ordering extra material just in case you may need it. In most cases it is better to order more at once than to pay shipping twice.


  • If you prefer us to only rip and/or chop your board(s) a straight edge will be required for us to be able to do. You are not required to surface your material if you only need it chopped or ripped. 

Straight Edge Only – As we mentioned above; all of our hardwoods come rough sawn. This material has not been straightend or surfaced. If you have a table saw and a planer then you should be able to rip and surface on your own. We can simply put a straight edge on one or both edges of  the wood for you. This will allow you to make rip cuts that are straight and uniform with every pass on the table saw. For the width of cut pieces we add 1/4″ for the jointer and the saw blade waste.

Cutting Cost – Since each hardwood order is unique in it’s own way it is hard to advertise an exact price on our Cut-To-Order service. In most cases the cost is about $0.75 per board foot to have this service performed.  Processing any material makes it lighter in weight and sometimes shorter or smaller in dimension. These smaller dimensions can result in lower shipping costs. It can sometimes be beneficial to have your material processed by us before shipping. This saves you both time and money.

Figuring Wastage Costs – We can cut our hardwoods in any width you need, but certain limitations do apply. For Example: If you need a 4 1/2″ wide piece of wood and we have 5″ available, you will essentially need to purchase the 5″ wide board. Same thing applies to length; if you need two pieces that are each 2 1/2′ long and we have a 6 footer available, you will need to purchase the 6′ long board. We can ship you the wastage if you would like. The additional wastage may or may not affect your shipping quote.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!


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