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What We Do  Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, L.L.C. supplies and ships Exotic and Domestic Hardwoods through-out the United States and the Caribbean. Whether you are in need of a full truck load, container load, a bundle or perhaps you need just a few boards to finish a small project, we’ve got you covered. We try to provide the most competitive prices on all of our material and lowest cost possible for shipping them. We are well knowledgeable of each of the Caribbean Islands’ local taxes and customs regulations and are able to meet all criteria necessary to delivering your order overseas in a timely and economical manner.

What We Stock – At any given time our inventory holds over a hundred thousand board feet of all Exotic and Domestic Lumber hardwoods we have advertised and even some we don’t advertise since they are rare or are not in high demand. We offer our customers these various species of unique timbers in any quantity desired. All of our lumber is rough sawn in various dimensions starting from 4” widths to 12″ widths, and sometimes wider!  We  primarily stock lengths from 5’ up to 12’ in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, and 10/4 thicknesses. If you require your lumber to be special stock (longer or thicker than primary stock) please let us know as we are more than capable to accommodate your needs!

Availability – All of our rough sawn hardwoods are usually available for pick-up or delivery within 24-48 hours depending on your order size and our workload. Cut-To-Order hardwoods orders take a slightly longer. Moulding and custom Millwork are ready for delivery within 7 business days. Click here to view our Main Pricing Page.

Where We Get it From? – All of our hardwoods are carefully sourced from mills from all over the world. We make sure that all of our hardwoods, both exotic and domestic, are harvested from sustainable and responsible sources. We ensure that are hardwoods are genuine, durable, and everlasting for for future generations.

Domestic LTL or Truckload Orders – We can supply a bundle (LTL) or a full truck load (FTL) if needed. LTL Shipments usually ship within 48 hours of placing youur order and processing of payment. Truckload orders take longer to build and ship. Truckload orders will ship in 7 business days. Transit times are estimates and are not guaranteed. There are many factors that may affect your estimated transit time such as weather, carrier workload, and other forces beyond our control. For the most part, all of our orders end up being delivered by or before our estimated delivery date. To read more about LTL orders cick here.

International LTL or Full Container Load Orders – Bundles (LTL) or container load (FCL) orders that need to be shipped over seas are also available. These orders take the most time of all our orders. We use two main shipping companies to ship our hardwoods; Tropical Shipping and Crowley Maritime. We have negotiated container load rates so you can rest assure you are getting the best shipping rate possible. Depending on the bundle size, we will negotiate the LTL rate for you. Once you agree to the cost of material and shipping we will make the booking with the shipping company for you. Both shipping companies sail once a week. If your order is not placed and paid for within 48 hours of the nearest sail date it will be pushed to the following sail date. You can read more about international orders here.


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