Teak Shower Floor

Assembling-Teak-Shower-FloorSanded-Teak-Shower-Floor Installing-Teak-Shower-FloorInstalled-Teak-Shower-Floor

Project Name: Teak Shower Floor

Manufactured By: Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, LLC

Project Date: September 15, 2015

Wood Type: 4/4 S4S Trinidad Teak

Location: Jupiter, Florida

Project Time: 1-2 days – Start to Finish

Accessories: 5/8″ Teak Battens

Description: Teak Shower Floors are becoming more popular lately. The rich timeless look it adds to a stand up shower is as unique as it is practical. You see Teak hardly ever grows mildew or mold. Teak Wood is so hard that its rot and decay rate is very low. This is what makes Teak Shower floors so durable. Adding in this Teak Shower floor for one of our customers gave their shower floor an elegant look and also made it safer by adding more grip. Standing on a Teak Shower Floor while shower prevents slipping in the shower area.

Manufacturing these shower floors is tedious and takes a bit of time for such a simple build. Each Teak batten is milled to the specifications of the shower area. We use galvanized staples and epoxy to fasten the shower floor together. Once assembly is completed we sand to a uniform finish and seal with Teak Oil. Maintenance on these Teak Shower Floors are minimal. Sanding and resealing without every 2-3 years may be required depending on use of shower area. Installation is not permanent. The shower floor can be removed at anytime, making it easy for the area to be cleaned and sanitized as normal.

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