• Latin name: Juglans nigra
  • Other Names: Walnut, Black Walnut
  • Origin: Eastern USA and Southeastern Canada
  • Appearance: Heartwood varies from a dark tan to deep chocolate depending on the amount of exposure to air and sunlight prior to drying. Varying grain from very straight to interlocking which may give a pronounced figuring. Pin knots may be prevalent.
  • Common Uses: Architectural millwork, musical instruments, fine furniture, high end office furniture, accent walls and occasional cabinetry
  • Finishing: Machining and Finishing properties are excellent. Stained and dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes. Can be top-coated with oil and water-based stains, polyurethane, lacquer, conversion varnish, shellac and tung oil.

Quality & Grade

  • Sapwood is only a defect in “A” face veneer plywood
  • Other grades allow sapwood
  • A1, A2, A4, and B2
  • Plain Sliced Faces
  • Veneer Core and MDF Core
  • Dark Tan to Deep Chocolate
  • Standard 4 x 8 Sheets readily available


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