Facts & Tips

Learn more about your favorite types of wood. Know what type of wood you need for all your projects.  We can also help you find the right type of hardwood you need.

Installation Tips

Need help installing your next project? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We have intuitive installation guides to help you along your way.

Treatment & Care

Want to keep your hardwoods looking great and lasting long? We’ve got the treatment and care tips you need!

Wood Defects 101

Shrinkage and swelling may occur in wood when there are changes in humidity and temperature. This may eventually result in cracks, gaps, and weak joints. Learn how to avoid this issue and many others.

Woodworking Glossary

In the woodworking field you’ll probably hear many woodworking terms that sound different or may not make much sense. We’ve decided to list a few of these woodworking terms and their definition(s) on our site to help you better understand what they mean.