Surfaced Hardwood Lumber

Carib Teak also offers mill work service. Our state of the art machinery and modern milling capabilities leaves each board smooth, straight, and even. All of our stocked hardwood lumber is rough cut and can be surfaced to any thickness your application may require. It is generally a better idea to keep hardwoods rough until it is time to be worked, therefore we do not have surfaced hardwoods readily available for shipment.

For your hardwood lumber order, we can surface all four sides or just one. It’s up to you!  Your surfaced hardwood order will be milled to nominal sizes and ready for glue up, unless otherwise specified. The main advantage of purchasing surfaced or dressed hardwood lumber is the time saved when working the wood itself.

Surfaced Hardwood Options

We can surface or mill your hardwood lumber in a few different ways. Which ever is most practical and sensible for your application.

  • S1S – Surfaced on one side of the width of the board.
  • S2S – Surfaced on two sides of the width of the board.
  • S1S1E – Surfaced on one side of the width and one edge of the board.
  • S2S1E – Surfaced on two sides of the width and one edge of the board.
  • S1S2E – Surfaced on one side of the width and two edges of the board.
  • S4S – Surfaced one all four sides of the board.

Cost: Our mill service for hardwoods can range from $0.25 to $0.65 per linear foot. It is all dependent on what surfacing requirements you have. Our hardwood specialist can better assist what option is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Surfaced Hardwoods


  • Usually easier for the less-equipped woodworker to use
  • Easy to see the grain, figure and color
  • Uniform in thickness
  • Lighter weight, costs less per board foot to ship


  • Less control over final thickness
  • Surfacing adds cost but can be countered by lower shipping cost
  • Less margin for dealing with cupping and warping

Thickness Chart

Nominal ThicknessRough Cut ThicknessSurfaced Thickness


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