• Latin name: Acer saccharum, A. nigrum
  • Other Names: Rock Maple, Sugar Maple, White Maple
  • Origin: USA and Canada
  • Appearance: Creamy white to pinkish tinge. Surface is smooth, tight and dense. Heartwood ranges from dark brown to green to black. Usually sold as white maple due to its broadly defined uniform light color. Grain is closed and straight that is sometimes curly with a fine texture.
  • Common Uses: Decorative veneer sometimes used for kitchen cabinetry and furniture. Excellent surface for painting.
  • Finishing: Species is very hard and tough which is moderately difficult to machine. The finishing properties are great once it is machined properly. Stained and dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes. Can be top-coated with oil and water-based stains, polyurethane, lacquer, conversion varnish, shellac and tung oil.

Quality and Grade

  • Clear Grade
  • A1, B2, C2, C4 and D3
  • Rotary Cut and Plain Sliced Faces
  • Veneer Core and MDF Core
  • Creamy White to a pinkish tinge
  • Standard 4 x 8 Sheet readily available


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