Teak Shower Floor – Oiled

We frequently get asked on whether our floor should be Oiled vs. Natural. The best way to answer this popular question is for the teak to prolong its lifespan over time it is wise to oil your floor.

By oiling your floor this will ensure the teak is properly sealed and protected. Teak is naturally an oily wood. It has a natural silica content built into the natural properties of the wood that helps create the waxy feel of this hardwood.

The natural silica in the teak helps with grip and slip resistance in most outdoor or water related applications. This is why Burmese Teak is typically used on your boat decking due to these important properties in the natural wood.

Teak Shower Floor – Oiled

When applying oil to our floors we favor Food Grade Mineral oil for this application. We prefer the mineral oil vs. the teak oils due to their natural properties and clear in color. We shy away from using the Teak Oils which sometimes include additives and stains that can alter the color of the natural teak color its known for.

We apply this oil to the top and bottom side of our floors generously. Let stand for 12-24 to soak into the wood. Depending on how much use the floor gets, this usually will last 6-12 months. Then you should reapply again to the top and bottom side. Since the floor is inside it will not turn grey or patina. This usually occurs if floor is exposed to direct sunlight.


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