FEQ Burmese Teak Wood


When comparing exterior hardwoods there are several hardwoods to choose from. From Genuine Mahogany to Cypress and Ipe there is one in particular that is far superior than the rest. Burmese Teak or Teak Wood also known as “King of Hardwoods”. This Exotic Hardwood is by far our favorite species to work with and our specialty at Carib Teak, Inc.  We enjoy seeing the beautiful projects that are made from this unique and gorgeous wood.  In this blog we will list our Top 7 reasons why Teak wood is our choice species.


Characteristics of Teak Wood


Teak wood is a hardwood lumber product generally used for exterior applications such as outdoor furniture, decking, railings and pilings. This species of hardwood is mostly used in the marine industry for boat decking and cover-boards.

This hardwood has a high oil content. Its natural silica content makes it highly resistant to any rotting or decay. Teak hardwood is a very durable wood that can withstand many of the outdoor elements such as sun, rain and even snow. Low in maintenance, this wood is perfect for any outdoor application. Its beautiful golden brown color makes this hardwood an ideal species for complimenting other exterior applications such as metal or concrete. Teak wood has recently been used in residential and commercial properties with interior applications such as bathroom floors and kitchens counter-tops.

When working with Teak there are many positive characteristics about the product. Here are our top 7 favorite qualities of Teak Wood!

Top 7 Tips of Teak Wood


  1. Easy to machine and mill. Due to its high silica content this wood makes for a smooth cut when planing, joining and cutting to specs on the table saw.
  2. Its gorgeous grain pattern makes this wood one of the most desirable hardwoods on the market today. Whether its quarter sawn or Plain sawn this unique wood allows for a straight or wavy grain pattern.
  3. The golden brown color can vary depending on freshly milled product leaving various colors such as light brown color to a pinkish tone in areas of the wood. The sapwood is usually a creamy white to pale yellow color. These colors are great to match up with existing woods in any decor and can be stained with oil to darken the teak to suit any color desired.
  4. Finishes well. Very easy to maintain whether the application is interior or exterior. Depending on the desired look most teak can be left in the raw making the look a lighter golden brown color. On the flip side, if the teak is used for exterior purposes we recommend treating the teak with mineral oil yearly. We recommend applying the product generously. This will give the teak a dark golden brown color and help to withstand the outdoor elements. Making your project last a lifetime!
  5. Easy hardwood to machine, glue and sand. We recommend using sharp blades when cutting teak as over time this hardwood can dull knives and blades easily. When gluing teak it can sometimes take longer to dry due to its high oil content. Just be patient your project will come out perfect if you just take your time.
  6. Teak heartwood is very durable and resistant to rot, decay and termites, making this hardwood one of the best for exterior applications.
  7. Teak wood is a versatile wood that is commonly used in the marine industry due to its durability and straight grain pattern.

Quality & Grade

  • FEQ Burmese Teak (First European Quality)
  • Plain Sawn / Quarter Sawn – Mixed Grain
  • No Sapwood
  • Free of Defects
  • Golden Brown Straight Consistent Grain
  • Kiln Dried to 8-12% Moisture Content


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