Project Details

We had the pleasure to work with a local couple and More than a lot Inc on this custom project for their office space.  They were eager to incorporate the warm wood tones of the American Walnut hardwood to their modern custom cabinets made by This clean and sophisticated  design was the perfect match for the space.

We worked closely with the client to select the best hardwood option for the area. They ultimately narrowed it down to the American Walnut for its rich warm tones. This would compliment the white custom cabinetry the countertop would be placed on. The challenge of the space was the length of the countertop being 13′ long.

The countertop was made into a plank style butcherblock glue up with bread ends to achieve the final 13′ length. It was sanded smooth with a 150 grit then to a 320 grit sand for a smooth finish.


Project Details 2

Prior to sanding the countertop we added epoxy to the voids, knots and cracks the glue up was not able to get. This was left 24-48 hours for curing and drying. Once this was dried we then sanded smooth. We then added the bread ends to the final butcherblock and let set for 24 hours.

Finally once the countertop was fully assembled, sanded smooth and wiped clean we applied the mineral oil to the countertop. This was applied generously to both top and bottom side of the countertop. This was left to soak in for 24 hours and we were ready to deliver. Contact us for more information regarding butcherblock countertops in various species. Let us know how we can help with your next project at


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