Project Description

  • Project Name: Custom 10′ American Walnut TV Console
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:   November – December 2022
  • Wood Type: American Walnut
  • Location: Port St Lucie, Fl
  • Project time: 3-4 weeks

Project Details

We worked with a local client interested in creating a custom TV console for her family room.  She has always loved the color and grain patterns of the natural wood details in quite a bit of her furniture and wanted to match her existing free standing Walnut island in her kitchen. American Walnut was the species she decided on to create her custom TV console.

When making the TV console she needed a custom piece that was oversized and could create additional storage for her family room. She wanted the custom piece to cover most of the wall area in her family room and under her TV. She narrowed down the size to 10′ in length. This custom American Walnut TV console was hand made into multiple pieces to account for the total length of 10′ long.

Project Details  continued

When making the custom piece, we used all hardwood and plywood American Walnut material. Each cabinet piece was made using 3/4″ American Walnut plywood and 4/4 American Walnut Hardwood. The Hardwood was used to manufacture all the door facings and custom butcherblock countertop. Blum hardware was used in making each door. Custom dovetailing and joinery is one of our staples in making each custom piece of furniture.

Once the cabinet was assembled we measured for final dimensions of cabinet to make the custom American Walnut countertop. We used FAS quality material when joining the countertop. The client really loved the contrast of the light sapwood walnut streaks along with the rich dark walnut color it is known for. She loved the subtle knots through out the natural wood in the countertop. We used 2″ rough cut material and surfaced to 1-3/4″ thickness once glued up and finished. The countertop was sealed using Master Clear Matte poly finish. This seals the hardwood and creates a light coat on the surface of the wood not altering the color of the wood and protecting the wood at the same.

This piece was delivered just in time for her family Christmas gathering! We would love to work with you on your next custom project. Reach out to us on or by email



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