Project Details

We worked closely with a repeat client of ours out of New York City to complete the remaining showers with a Teak Shower floor. They had ordered a floor from us  a few years back and wanted it painted black. Painting the teak is not something we usually do but said we would accommodate the customer based on their request.

The client wanted to complete the remaining two bathrooms with the Teak Shower floors painted black. One floor was shaped in multiple angles and elevated 4″ tall. We custom made this floor to spec so it would fit snuggly into the space.

Project Details Continued

After milling the material for each floor we then sprayed the sides of each batten black and let dry. This would ensure the battens on each floor were completely covered in the black paint. We used a matte black exterior paint and sealed each floor with a Matte Polyurethane finish to seal the paint.

Once the floors were fabricated, the angled floor was custom cut to spec. Then the floors were finished sanded and QC’d for any imperfections prior to applying paint.  Once the paint was applied, they needed to sit for a few hours for drying. Between each coat a light sand was applied to ensure the floor was smooth and even prior to adding the next coat. This process occurred about 4 times to ensure a nice even layer of paint.

To elevate the angled floor, they added additional support runners along the bottom side of the floor to achieve the desired height of 4″ tall.

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