Project Details

A Design firm from Scottsdale, Arizona contacted us looking to do a Custom Teak Shower Floor for a bathroom they were designing. This bathroom was to include both a tub and stand up shower. The initial design concept was to create one floor for the entire area. This would create a Spa feel for the area. After seeing the design and construction of the space we suggested to make the floor in two sections!! This would allow for easy cleaning and maintenance of the area. We were excited to help create this tranquil environment for the client.

Once we began on the floors we milled all material to the proper specs. One floor was wider than the other based on the space being covered by the Teak Shower floor.  We planed, joined and cut all battens to specs. The runners were then cut to length and ready for assembly. Extra runners were used on one of the floors as a porcelain tub was resting on top. This would allow for extra support.  We started with installing the side runners first, then added the remaining four runners. Using wood glue, nails and stainless steel fasteners we repeated this process each time to adhere the runners to the battens. Each floors runners had an eased edge using a router. We finished the topside edges with a waterfall edge as well to give a clean uniformed look. The bottom and topside were sanded smooth and rubber feet were added for extra drainage. We were ready to package, crate and ship to its destination!

Teak Shower Flooring Facts

  • Slip Resistant
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria, mold or mildew
  • To clean – apply water with a soft bristle brush using a mild soap solution
  • We suggest cleaning this every 1-3 weeks with your normal bathroom or shower cleaning
  • Do not use any harsh chemicals such as bleach or solvents
  • High silica content, giving it a natural waxy non-skid resistant surface


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