Project Description

  • Project Name: Custom Cutting Boards
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:   January 2020
  • Wood Type: 4/4 Exotic Species – Teak/Maple/Walnut/Sapele
  • Location: Jupiter, Fl
  • Project time:  2 days


Project Details

We often times have many cut-offs, strips or drops from milling various species of material. We were wanting to put them to good use and not waste the valuable wood left overs. So we decided to make cutting boards with these strips. Most of the strips consist of our Exotic Hardwoods. Some examples include Burmese Teak , Hard Maple, American Walnut and Sapele Hardwood. The process is very easy and a lot of fun to create. Our cutting boards are handmade and custom to your desired species. We enjoy being creative by making many different color patterns with the various species of wood.

We start the process by selecting the type of wood the client requested. Determining the size of the cutting board is imperative in knowing how many strips it will take to achieve the width.  Next , run them through the table saw to ensure same thickness all the way through. Once all the pieces have been milled. Start laying out the strips to create the desired design. We like to mix the light/dark colors to off set one another. Next we lay out the clamps and start to glue each piece to one another, ensuring each side has glue. Now that all the pieces are glued up then clamp all together. Bottom clamps and top clamps are needed to ensure proper thickness. Let sit over night to dry. Next run the cutting board through the planer to ensure same thickness all the way through. Lastly, we use the router to create a waterfall edge on all four sides. Sand smooth using a 150 grit paper and finish with a 220 grit. We then add rubber feet to the bottom side, oil to seal and its ready to use.


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