Custom Teak Shower Floors

Custom teak shower floors are our signature product at Carib Teak Inc. We take great pride in constructing these floors from scratch, right here in America. All our teak shower floors are custom-made with care by our small, family-owned business using FEQ Burmese Teak.

How Much Do Teak Shower Floors Cost?

Do you already know the size of your shower space? Get an instant quote now! Use our online calculator to see how much teak shower floors cost from Carib Teak. When manufacturing each floor we come within 1/4″-1/2″ variance of your dimensions allowing you to easily drop it into place. This allows you enough room to lift up to clean the underside when time to clean the shower area. If you have your exact shower pan dimensions, we can provide an instant quote online here, or call us at  (561) 301-9364 for exact shipping rates.

Design and Construction Specs to Keep in Mind:

  • We make the floors as a drop in to sit over top your existing shower pan, tile or bare concrete. The area would need to be completely sealed in order to place the teak over top your shower floor.
  • The floors can sit over top a center drain or a lineal drain we would just need to know the specification in order build accordingly.
  • If the floor is going into a center drain the center of your floor will not come in contact with your shower pan area. There will be a slight flex in the floor towards the center but this is normal and ok.
  • If a lineal drain is used we can build up the side of the floor to sit flush with the rest of your floor.
  • No sealant is applied to the floor. If you would like to add a sealant we suggest using a Food Grade Mineral oil to top and bottom side of the floor.
  • Our floors are completely sanded smooth and in their natural state.

An Investment for Any Home

We manufacture all our teak products using premium FEQ Burmese Teak wood. All our products are custom handmade with care. Each piece of teak is carefully hand-selected and quality-checked for any imperfections. We use a mix of grains when manufacturing these products; Some wavy grain and some straight grain.

Get a Quote Now

Visit our teak shower floors website to enter your space dimensions for an instant quote. Need multiple floors? Each floor is different in size and square footage so we would need to price out each floor separately.

Bring the rich, timeless warmth of natural teak wood to your space. Get an instant quote now!

How to Clean Your Teak Shower Floor

We suggest using warm water, soft bristle brush and dawn dish soap when cleaning your floors. You will incur build up from shampoos and soaps while there is use of the shower. This should be done regularly in your normal cleaning of your bathroom area in order to get the most use out of your shower floor.

If you start to see the floor dull in color, we do suggest adding Food Grade mineral oil to the floor. You would remove the floor out of the shower and generously add mineral oil to the top and bottom side of the floor. You will want this to sit for about 24 hours and then place back into your shower to use. Keep in mind this will darken the color of the teak initially but lighten over time and use.


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