Project Description

  • Project Name: Custom Hardwood White Oak Vanity – Fort Pierce, Fl
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:   Oct 2021
  • Wood Type: 3/4″White Oak Hardwood Plywood / 4/4 White Oak Hardwood
  • Location:  Fort Pierce, Fl
  • Project time: 4 weeks

Project Details

We were recently contacted by a local client of ours interested in a White Oak  Vanity for her master bathroom. This newly renovated home located on the water in Fort Pierce, Fl was in need of some updating. Staying along with the modern farmhouse theme they were interested in a White Oak vanity for the Master bathroom overlooking the Indian River Lagoon in Fort Pierce, Fl. Together we worked on a design based on the customers needs as well as use and practicality.

We began by partnering with the client to get her thoughts on design, style and practicality. After reviewing a few drawings we ended up going with a simple shaker.

Once the design was narrowed down we got to work! We used solid hardwood white oak for the drawer boxes  and  drawer fronts along with using solid 3/4″ white oak plywood for the base and shell of the vanity.

To start, we made the shells of the vanities first. Using clamps, we put together the shells to specific dimensions prior to gluing. Once the shell was put together we cut panels for the inside walls and started making the base or pedestal for the vanity to stand on.

Next, we started making the drawer boxes as well as the drawer fronts. Using solid hardwood white oak,  we began by milling all the boards to the desired size. Planing, joining and finally cutting to size on the table saw. Once they were finished we began by notching the drawer fronts for the drawer boxes. Each box was dove tailed to fit snugly. Once drawer boxes were completed we glued up and let sit for 24 hrs. In the meantime , we began working on the drawer front. Solid Hardwood White Oak was used for each shaker style door front.

Once everything was complete we went back over and placed white oak edge-banding on all exposed edges. We created a White Oak shelf on the bottom of the vanity for storage. The drawer boxes were assembled and hardware was placed on each drawer and face of each door. Once done, the hardware on the drawers  and doors can be adjusted for spacing.

During each step we sprayed each piece/area with a matte finish polyurethane sealant prior to final glue up. This step is necessary in ensuring all areas were properly covered and sealed prior to assembly.

It is now time to assemble. Using clamps we made sure each area was square and level. This is an important step. You want to make sure once counter-top is placed on top everything is level. We let sit for 24 hours to let glue dry. Then we are ready for delivery.

In addition to the White Oak vanity we made them a custom White Oak mirror to match the White Oak vanity. This was made using solid Hardwood White oak material, dove tail joinery and 1/4″ tempered glass. Each edge was eased with a 1/8″ ease to mimic the White Oak vanity.

We were pleased with how the Vanity and Mirror turned out.

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