Project Description

  • Project Name:  Custom Ipe Panels – Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:  September 29, 2019
  • Wood Type: 4/4 S4S Ipe
  • Location: Palm Beach Gardens, Fl
  • Project time: 8 days


Project Details

We were excited to tackle this project as it was for a local builder in the area looking to create a privacy wall for his patio area. He had seen these panels in a hotel in South Florida and loved the design. After providing many images of the design we were ready to start the project!

We began by using S4S (Surfaced Four Sides) 4/4 x 4 Ipe boards in order to achieve the desired look. Because Ipe is such a hard and dense wood each board needed to sanded in order to open up the pores prior to any glue or joinery. Each board was cut to length. We began by taking four boards sanding them on all four sides. Ripping a two inch wide board to create a sandwich between both panels. We then glued and nailed those strips onto the two outside boards. We did this 22 times as we needed to make a total of 11 panels. Once dried, we began to clamp and join. Taking clamps we joined all four boards together. Then sanded another four boards placing them on top of the bottom four boards creating a sandwich. This process took about a full 3-5 days based on dry time and the number of clamps we had.

Prior to glue up we sanded each Ipe board front and back. This allows the Ipe wood pores to open up allowing the glue to adhere to the hardwood.  Each panel took 24-48 hours in clamps to dry. Because Ipe is such a hard wood the dry time takes longer than most hardwoods.

After each panel was dry we got to sanding. This process took time to ensure the surface was smooth and even. We made sure each join was clean of glue and sanded to a smooth finish. Each panel weighed roughly 80 lbs once completed. To install, the client used brackets to attach to ceiling and base of panel. Concrete was poured below the panels to ensure a secure base. Brackets were drilled into concrete then attached to panels to keep upright.  The client was very happy with the product and couldn’t wait to install.


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