Teak Shower Floors and Bath Mats

We take a lot of pride in our work at Carib Teak Inc. in constructing all our Custom Teak Shower Floors and Bath mats. Each floor manufactured is unique and special in its own way. When making your custom floor we take time selecting each piece of FEQ Burmese Teak wood to ensure there are no defects in the boards. All our floors are constructed using First European Quality Burmese Teak wood. This type of Teak is generally used in the marine industry on boats and decking, making this Teak the best in the world! All our floors are hand crafted to your specs and manufactured in the USA!

Rich. Timeless. Elegant.

That’s what our customers say when referring to our Custom Made Teak Shower Floors and Bath Mats. Our Teak shower floors and bath mats are fully customized to fit just about any space and budget. Your custom Teak Shower Floor or Bath Mat will be functional and will enhance any setting for many years to come. When manufacturing each floor we hand select each batten prior to assembly. Each batten is carefully analysed for any imperfections or defects. All floors are constructed based on measurements provided by the customer and are within a 1/4″ – 1/2″ difference on all sides. Making it easy to drop in to install and lift up for routine cleaning. Once the battens are cut to specs they are assembled to the FEQ Burmese Teak runners using wood glue, nails and stainless steel screws. All making it safe and secure for your shower or bathroom use. Each battens is spaced evenly to allow the water flow to your drain. We then attach rubber feet to the runners of the floors to create the barrier between your shower pan and the battens. The FEQ Burmese Teak Wood never touches your shower pan. Finally each floor is sanded using several grits to ensure a smooth silky finish.  All of our floors are left natural with no oil added unless requested by the customer. Burmese Teak wood has a natural silica content in the wood. Oil is not needed unless preferred by the customer to create a darker rich brown color.

Teak Shower Floor and Bath Mat Maintenance

Proper maintenance helps your Teak Floor or Bath Mat last a lifetime. Even though teak has a natural resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew, soap residue or other impurities from your water may start to form some build-up. We recommend you perform routine cleanings every time you clean your shower or bathroom or when you notice some build-up. Keep in mind that even though teak is slip-resistant, a soapy build-up can compromise it. It is very important to clean the Teak surface regularly.

  • Quick Clean – Apply water with a soft bristle brush (a mild soap solution can be useful as well). Lightly scrub the teak surface as well as the underside. Then rinse the teak surface with clean water and allow to air dry. Doing this every 3-4 weeks is sufficient.
  • Deep Clean – Consider purchasing a Teak cleaning kit. You can find these kits anywhere online. Most kits come with cleaning solution, scrubbing brushes, conditioning oil, an oil applicator, gloves and a rags for cleanup. With regular cleaning, your teak products will continue to look great for many years. Depending on the size of your Teak floor we recommend calling in a professional teak cleaner. Professional cleaners have the right solutions that won’t strip the wood of its natural oils and non-slip characteristics. You can find commercial grade teak cleaning solutions from a variety of sources including boating supply stores, home centers or online.
  • Weathered Teak – We recommend putting a little extra work if you want your weathered teak to look new again. Light sanding removes any silvery patina. Sanding the entire piece is highly recommended. Seal with teak conditioner or when finished.


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