Project Description

  • Project Name:  Custom Wood Vanity for Laundry Room
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:  March 3, 2018
  • Wood Type: 8/4 S4S African Mahogany
  • Location:  Jupiter, Fl
  • Project time: 5 days
  • Accessories:  Watco Mineral Oil

Project Details

Eager and excited to work with this young couple in designing and manufacturing this practical yet modern Custom Wood Vanity for their Laundry Room! The couple was in need of a functional Laundry Room Vanity for the expecting parents with the third one on the way. Mom needed a easier and functional sink to use while doing laundry for this newly family of five. Ease and functionality were key in the design of this project! When deciding on color and look the couple decided on African Mahogany! A beautiful warm and rich in color yet very stable and durable to withstand the elements of heat and water that go hand in hand with a Laundry Room. The couple wanted to mimic our Teak Shower Floors with the bottom shelf with battens. After reviewing design,  we were eager to start this project. We began by selecting the 8/4 African Mahogany boards. First planing to thickness, joining and finally cutting all legs and battens to specs.  Next we began assembling all pieces together piece by piece. Once the assembly was finished we sealed with Mineral Oil. The customer wanted the natural wood look for the finished product. We were able to finish the project under time and deliver just in time for the new addition to arrive!

Characteristics of African Mahogany

African Mahogany Hardwood Lumber has become the most popular alternative to Sapele and Genuine Mahogany due to its price and availability. African Mahogany is commonly used in the manufacturing of fine furniture, cabinetry, decorative veneers, molding and some exterior applications.  African Mahogany Hardwood Lumber has consistent uniform grain, however pieces with “ribbon” grain are usually in high demand. The color of African Mahogany is a light reddish brown or pinkish brown. This hardwood lumber is a very durable wood that stains easy and finishes well. It works easily with sharp blades and knives and glues nicely.


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