Project Description

  • Project Name:  Cypress Ceiling for an Outdoor Patio
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date: October 17, 2018
  • Wood Type: 4/4 S4S Tongue and Groove Cypress #2
  • Location:  Jupiter, Fl
  • Project time: 4 days
  • Accessories:  Watco Light Oak Stain and Varnish


Project Details

This project was a great experience as it was our first time working with Cypress for a home project. A couple was interested in updating their outdoor patio with a wood ceiling. After finding out the details of the look the client was looking to achieve we knew the best material to use for an outdoor project was Hardwood Cypress. This material would not only hold up to the outdoor elements over time but looks aesthetically appealing as well. Portraying the rustic wood style so many are incorporating in their homes today, Cypress wood is a great alternative to the more exotic woods such as Teak and Ipe. Cypress is easy to machine and mill. Giving a Classic, clean look!

We began staining the boards to the customers stain request. Using Watco Light Oak stain.  We laid out the boards and began staining using a spray gun. After several coats of stain to reach the desired color we sprayed varnish on the boards to give the shine and clean look to seal the stain. This process took a total about 3-4 hours including dry time. Once we completed the stain and varnish process we began to install. Board by board each were adhered with nails and liquid nails. We finished off the look with a Teak boarder around all edges. Finally, sealed the teak with teak oil and the project was complete! The couple was really happy with the final product!


Characteristics of Cypress Wood

Cypress is a domestic hardwood with a high rot and decay resistance.  Concurrently, the characteristics of cypress make it a top choice in exterior construction applications.

Common uses for Cypress Wood.

  • Interior and Exterior Trim
  • Exterior Paneling
  • Flooring and Moulding


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