Project Description

  • Project Name: Farmhouse – White Oak Table and Bench – Port Saint Lucie , Fl
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak – Table top/ Bench top
  • Manufactured by: Rustic Point of View – Table legs / Bench legs
  • Project Date:   November 24, 2019
  • Wood Type: 8/4 White Oak
  • Location:  Port Saint Lucie , Fl
  • Project time: 4 weeks

Project Details


We were excited to work with some good friends of ours to create their family heirloom table. They knew they wanted a solid wood table that was durable yet practical and eventually would be handed down to their kids later in life. So needless to say this was a special project for us to work on. After many considerations of various wood species they decided on using White Oak.

White Oak was the best choice for them due to the durability, color and grain pattern they were looking for in their home. Although it was left in the raw and sealed , down the line if they chose to sand it down they could stain it darker for a different look. Ultimately they wanted a farmhouse table big enough to have family dinners as well as entertain during the holidays.

Once the material was chosen we began by picking out the best pieces for the tops of the table and bench. We tried to keep the colors consistent with pinkish tones to light and darker tones in the grain and color patterns within the wood. To finish off the tops we chose interesting grain patterns for the bread ends. Once the pieces were chosen for the tops the balance of the material was used for the legs.  We partnered with a local business named Rustic Point of View to manufacture the legs of the table top and bench top for this project.

All material was S4S to 1-3/4″ thick by 5-1/2″ wide by 85″ Long. Total table dimensions of 1-3/4″ T x 42″ W x 90″ L.  We began gluing up the Table top into two sections using wood glue and clamped over 48 hours. This dry time allows the wood to dry and cure over time. Once the two tops have dried it is time for them to be run through the planer to ensure the same thickness. Now that the two pieces have been planed to the same thickness it can now be joined together and clamped over another 48 hours. In the meantime we met with our partners at Rustic Point of View to review the table legs design. The customers found a picture on pinterest to replicate the table legs from.  The client loved the rustic farmhouse look and wanted sturdy and solid legs.

After the legs were in production we began working on the bench tops. Following the same process as the table top the bench was 1-3/4″ thick by 16-1/2″”wide by 90″ long. We glued up 3 pieces and let sit over 48 hours.

Next, we began by adding the bread ends to the table top. To ensure a stable end we used a mortise and tenon joint to adhere the bread end to the table top. Following the same process we joined the bread end to the bench top as well. We let sit and cure for 24 hours. Next, we started to sand down the table top with a belt sander to sand down any unevenness in the top where the two pieces glued up. Once the seam was sanded smooth we began sanding the top to a smooth finish. Using 150 grit and working up to 320 grit on both the top side and bottom side of table top. We then used the router to create an eased edge on all 4 sides. Sanded router edge smooth by hand. Lastly, we sealed the table and legs with conversion varnish. The conversion varnish takes about 24 hours to cure once applied. Each top and legs took about 3 coats each. This sealant ensures any moisture, rings or penetration into the wood.  After everything was sprayed and sealed the legs and tops were delivered all separately. The weight of the top alone was about 250 lbs. Once in location the tops were screwed into bottoms and set in to place. The best part is the wife of the customer was surprised to see the table installed just in time for Thanksgiving!


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