Project Description

  • Project Name: HGTV Teak Shower Floor and Teak Shower Partition
  • Manufactured By: Carib Teak Inc.
  • Project Date: October 12, 2017
  • Wood Type: Trinidad Teak Wood
  • Location: Jupiter, Florida
  • Project Time: 3 Months- Start to Finish ( Design, Material Prep, Manufacturing and Delivery)
    Accessories: None

Project Details

In early July 2017 we were contacted by Magnolia Homes in search of a Teak Shower Floor. At first we were a little taken back by who had reached out to us, but after the initial contact with the Magnolia Homes team we were so excited to have been chosen to work with them and be a part of one of their show featured on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.  Our scope of work entailed manufacturing n a 9 foot Teak Shower floor and and 8 foot Teak Wood Partition for the master bathroom in the Aguilar’s family house located in Waco, Texas.  Ultimately we were creating a modern Mediterranean spa feel for the clients to enjoy. What better way to create that feel than by having a Teak Shower floor in your home.

The Process

We hand selected each piece of Grade A Trinidad Teak Wood from our inventory to ensure the best quality material is being used. Our team carefully cut and machined each piece of teak wood before starting assembly. Once the Teak is milled and cut to the exact specifications needed it is time to meticulously assemble the Teak Shower Floor. Inspecting and reinspecting each teak batten along the way is key when manufacturing a strong, durable, and elegant Teak Shower Floor. Moving on to the Teak Partition proved to be a bit more of a challenge to assemble. Production of our Teak Battens for the partition are followed in the same manner as the Teak Shower Floor. The tedious and time consuming part of this portion of the project is lining each Teak batten up on both sides of the partition so that they match perfectly. To bring this project to completion, sanding to a smooth uniform finish is key. The sanding process helps work out any imperfections of the wood and helps make this project standout from other woodworking being done in this particular house. Both pieces of this Teak Wood Shower project took approximately 40 hrs to manufacture. The 9 foot Teak Shower Floor is the largest floor CaribTeak constructed to date. Furthermore, manufacturing a Teak Partition (or wall) to match is a new endeavor for us as well.


The challenge to manufacture this project is over! Now how do we get it to the customer safely and in one piece? Once the quality standard was met, we began constructing the crate to place the product in for transit. The crate ultimately protected both products from any weathering or damage during the transit process. The products were placed in the 10 foot long crate with bubble and plastic wrap to ensure its safe transit to Waco, Texas. Total transit time was 4 days from door to door. The team at Magnolia Homes were so happy when they received the products to know there was so much care in ensuring the product arrived safely.

The Finished Product

We were so honored to have been a part of making a part of the Aguilar’s master-bathroom something they can enjoy for a lifetime. It truly was a pleasure working with Chip, Joanna, and the Magnolia Homes team. The pictures below are of the installed nine foot teak shower floor and eight foot partition we constructed out of solid Trinidad Teak. This project went off without a hitch and shipped right on time from our shop in Jupiter, Florida to Magnolia Homes in Waco, Texas. We are proud to say we made the Aguilar family’s master-bath a dream come true!


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