Project Description

  • Project Name: New York City Ipe Wood Benches
  • Manufactured By: Carib Teak Inc.
  • Project Date: October 15, 2016
  • Wood Type: 8/4 S4S Ipe Wood
  • Location: Jupiter, Florida
  • Project Time: 4 days – Start to Finish (Material Prep Only)
  • Accessories: None

Project Details

In late 2016 a millworks company from the Bronx, New York contacted us in search of a hardwood that can be used for an exterior application. This company was assigned a project to manufacture and install 56 park benches in the Financial District of New York City. The millwork company initially elected to use Teak Wood, but it was well above the projects budget. We offered an alternative species be used, Ipe Wood!

The Delivery

This truckload of Ipe left our yard on a Wednesday afternoon. We kept in close contact with our driver to ensure a safe delivery. Along the way, the driver advised that he drove through some pretty badly damaged areas along the way to the customer. Hurricane Matthew had hit the East Coast earlier that month and left the area devastated. Once the truck arrived in New York, the Ipe Wood was unloaded, and each bundle was re-inspected to ensure nothing was damaged in transit.

The Finished Project

Three months after delivering this load of Ipe, the customer emailed us photos of the finished project. They were thrilled by the outcome, and commended us for our quick and efficient service. Furthermore, this project has gained our company a tremendous sense of pride and we are more than certain these benches will last for years to come. It is a true honor to be part of such remarkable project. The craftsmanship of these benches is outstanding and speaks for itself. You can see these Ipe Park Benches located at 85 Broad Street. Located in New York City’s Financial District. We hope everyone who visits the enjoys these beautiful works of art.


Ipe is a strong durable hardwood and is perfect for exterior applications. Ipe is native to Brazil and is relative to the Teak Wood family. Comparatively, Ipe is the cheaper alternative to Teak. There are probably many outdoor wood projects in your community where Ipe is being utilized and unconsciously revered to as Teak. By the same token, many Marinas are now making the transition to Ipe for their decks and docks, as it is resilient against salt water. On the contrary, Ipe is much harder than Teak, sharp knives and cutter heads are necessary when working with Ipe.

Further-more, Ipe’s popularity has grown tremendously over the past ten years, and we’ve seen the demand increase first hand. Presently, we stock 200,000 linear feet of Ipe at our warehouse. Our goal is to eventually triple this inventory over the next 18 months.

Have More Questions?

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