Project Description

Project Name: Genuine Mahogany Credenza
Manufactured By: G. Guy of Florida
Project Date: January 2015
Wood Type: 8/4 West Indian Mahogany (Genuine Mahogany / Honduran Mahogany
Location: Florida
Project Time: 30 days – Start to Finish
Accessories: Special Lighting / Tempered Glass

Project Details

We are often privileged enough to meet and help special customers. This Credenza was made by a unique customer for a touching reason. G. Guy Made this beautiful piece of work out of Genuine Mahogany Wood from Trinidad for his daughter as a wedding gift. We didn’t just hand select perfect Mahogany boards, we carefully chose the ones that had small knots that possessed uniform grain. It wasn’t an easy task but we were glad to do it when we found out what the Mahogany Wood was for. Mr. Guy drove across the state to collect his Mahogany Lumber we picked out for his project. We met and spoke for hours about each others backgrounds. His particular order left us with the reminder that at the end of the day it truly is all about family. It was such a pleasure helping meet this customers needs and getting to know more about their life beyond a simple lumber order. We thank you greatly for your business Mr. Guy. Hope we meet again some day!

Learn More About Genuine Mahogany

Our Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Lumber goes by the name of West Indian Mahogany. It is a top seller of all the Mahogany Lumber we carry. There is no significant difference between West Indian Mahogany and Genuine Mahogany. Another name for Genuine Mahogany Hardwood Lumber is Honduran Mahogany, which grows in Central and South America. West Indian Mahogany is cultivated on the island of Trinidad, just off the coast of Venezuela. There are many differences Genuine Mahogany when compared to Santos Mahogany, Sapele, or African Mahogany.


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