Project Description

  • Project Name: Outdoor Burmese Teak-E-Hut Counter top and Bar – Jupiter, Fl
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:   May 15 , 2020
  • Wood Type: 8/4 Burmese Teak Hardwood and 4/4 Burmese Teak T & G
  • Location:  Jupiter, Fl
  • Project time: 3 weeks

Project Details

We were recently contacted by a local client of ours interested in a Burmese Teak counter top for his outdoor bar. He was looking to create a relaxing environment to entertain and enjoy with his family.

This old Florida home located in the heart of Jupiter needed the last piece of the puzzle in completing this backyard Oasis. The Carib Teak family was excited to be a part of this families outdoor entertainment project!

We began by partnering with the client to determine design and functionality. Once the design was nailed down we got to work! To start, we began by milling up all the 8/4 Burmese Teak wood that would be used to make the bar top. Once milling was complete, we began to glue up each section of the counter top into three separate sections. This process can take up to 2-4 days in order to ensure proper dry time. We used clamps to join each board together with three boards glued up at a time. Dry time is critical in ensuring the wood has had time to cure. Using the proper clamps are another critical aspect in Glue ups. Its all about ensuring there is very little seam between each board and the joinery is perfect!

Next, once each bar top was completely dry. We run through the planer one more time to ensure each piece is perfectly smooth and the same thickness. This will eliminate any imperfections in the glue up (if needed) and create an exact thickness for each counter top going into bar. Again, these aspects are critical when matching up multiple sections in a counter top. One wrong measurement and it can throw the entire area out of balance when assembling.

We then sand like crazy! The finishing of the Teak is important. Making sure all seams are levels and surface is smooth. We start with a 150 Grit and finish with a 320 Grit sand to ensure a smooth finish.  We repeat the same steps with each piece. Now the counter tops are ready for installation.

But before we begin installing, we need to run 4/4 Burmese Teak smooth and add a Tongue and Groove into the sides. This aspect of the Bar will be used to clad the inside of the bar using the T&G Teak. Each piece with be cut to spec and installed to fit each area.

When installing the Teak Counter top we needed to make sure each area was level and matched up perfectly prior to gluing up the last two pieces together. There were a few sections that needed to have special cuts in order to fit in to the area. These cuts were done prior to the final glue up. All in all, the entire project was a success and came out beautifully! Thank you to the wonderful clients who allowed Carib Teak to be a part of their backyard oasis!

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