Teak Shower floors

Update your shower or bathroom area with any Teak Shower floor. Our floors are custom made using FEQ Burmese Teak. You provide us with your shower pan dimensions and we will come within 1/4″-1/2″ variance of your dimensions allowing you to easily drop in to place and lift up to clean the under side of the floor. We do have standard size height of 2″. However we can build up any floor to your desired height based on your shower pan depth.

The spacing between each batten is evening spaced to give enough water flow to your drain without catching a toenail or stubbing a toe. Each panel is finished with an eased edge and sanded smooth to touch. Most products are left in their natural state with no added oils however we can apply a Food grade mineral oil to the floor to help with sealing and protecting the wood over time.

Each floor is custom made hand selecting each board to ensure quality and eliminate any defects. We place each batten by hand and make each product with care and quality control. We value on customers satisfaction in our product and strive for perfection on each floor.

Teak Walls/Partitions

We can replicate the same process we use to manufacture our teak shower floors into a Teak Wall panel. Just as we make our floors our teak wall panels are custom made using FEQ Burmese Teak. The teak wall panels are made to adhere to your existing walls using a Marine grade adhesive or we can recreate a Teak wall partition to mimic a pony wall or separating privacy wall. These are hand made with care.

Call us to learn more information or contact us at teakshowerfloors.com or Caribteak.com


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