Project Description

  • Project Name:  Walnut Butcher block Waterfall Counter top
  • Manufactured by: Carib Teak
  • Project Date:  August 27, 2019
  • Wood Type: 8/4 S4S American Walnut
  • Location: Jupiter , Fl
  • Project time: 6 Weeks

Project Details


We were eager to tackle this project as we were excited to do a Waterfall edge counter top for a local clients kitchen. Our client contacted us  interested in manufacturing a butcher block counter top for her newly renovated kitchen. The wood tones incorporated with her modern kitchen was the ideal look she wanted to accomplish. We were there every step to help her with color, design and style she wanted to achieve.


First we went to the location to measure and see space of project. We were delighted to see a newly renovation kitchen with updated white cabinets, beautiful hardware and gorgeous back splash. After seeing the space the design was a beach theme decor fitting for the area. Unsure of the type of wood to use we brought samples with us to client so they could determine color, grain and pattern they liked for the area. Once the wood species was determined we were ready to get to work!


We began by using 8/4 American Walnut wood 6″ wide and 11′ long. This will allow for any defects in the wood and allow for the continuing waterfall edge the client desired.  We ran all the material through the planer, joiner and table saw to ensure exact measurements of each board creating a straight and smooth surface for all planks. Next we joined all the boards together using tite bond glue and sat for 48 hours to ensure all was dry. We then created a cradle to cut the ninety degree angle on the table saw for the waterfall edge. This part is critical to ensure cut is precise.  This cut will ultimately determine if the piece is straight when installing later on.  There are now two separate pieces that will be joined at a ninety degree angle to create the continuous waterfall edge. Once cut was done, we filled any imperfections using two part epoxy and stained to desired color. This will then let set for a couple days to set up. Next, we sanded smooth using several grits. The sanding is another critical piece to ensure level and smooth surfaces.






Once the sanding was complete we then sprayed each piece with a Matte Varnish/Polyurethane to seal the wood. This will allow the client to place glasses on the wood without creating a ring or stain. The last step was to join the two pieces together to create the waterfall edge. We used clamps and a ninety degree angle to ensure exact angle was created. This sat for 48 hours to set. During this time the piece was not moved. We attached adjustable feet on the leg of the counter top as the floors were not level.  Lastly,  we sprayed one last time with Varnish to seal all areas.  We recommend waiting 5-7 days before use of the counter top to allow the wood and varnish to acclimate to its environment. It is now ready to be installed.


We installed the Walnut Butcher block counter top by placing on top of cabinet. Ensuring all areas are level. Next we pre-drilled holes in the underside of cabinet and attached L brackets to wood and cabinet. This will draw in the wood to the counter and secure for any movement.  We double checked the wood area was level with existing quartz counter top. Installation was complete!


We were so excited the client was pleased with their butcher block. They couldn’t wait to use it!


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