Project Details

The latest project we worked with a local designer out of Lake Mary Florida who wanted to integrate a Teak Shower floor into their clients guest bathroom but using White Oak hardwood as an alternative.

We were excited to take on the project as this would be our first shower floor made out of White oak. Typically our shower floors are made using FEQ Burmese Teak hardwood. This hardwood is ideal for the indoor wet environment and can withstand the harsh water elements of the shower. However, White oak is a domestic hardwood alternative that can be used similarly in wet conditions as it has similar properties as the Burmese teak.

As we worked with the designers on this project they had the design of the floor with a border around it mimicking our Teak Shower benches we similarly make. We worked together to come up with the best design and functionality of the floor and it came out beautifully.

Together we worked on design, practicality and functionality of the floor for its end use. Using the similar design of our Teak Shower floors, we made this custom White Oak floor a stable and durable piece of art. Each board was carefully selected to eliminate any knots or pith of the wood. We wanted the battens to have a clear uniformed grain pattern as the designer wanted to achieve this looks as possible. Once milled, each batten was quality checked for any imperfections prior to assembly.

Project Details continued

Once the floor is assembled, we finish sand with a 150 Grit sand paper and finish each side with an eased edge.  The White Oak floor is prepped and ready to apply sealant. Since the floor was made using a White Oak hardwood the client wanted the extra protection of a sealant applied to the floor to help prolong its longevity.

We typically use a Matte Polyurethane finish on all our sealed products. This product is a water based sealant applied directly to the hardwood and sits over top the wood. It is an ideal sealant as it does not penetrate the wood and begin to alter the color of the wood over time or yellow in color. Some sealants are known for doing this over time with use. The sealant can usually take 6-12 hours to set but is best if you allow 24 hours to cure.

Rubber feet were added to the bottom side of the floor. It was ready to package and ship to its home! Let us know when you are ready to update your shower with a Teak Shower floor! Contact us at or for more information.


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