We often get questions asking whether the Teak Shower floor should be oiled vs. left in its natural state. Teak has a natural silica content built into the wood that makes it an oily and waxy hardwood. This is why it is ideal in outdoor and water based applications especially the shower as it is slip resistant.

  • With that said Teak is the ideal hardwood for the bathroom and shower areas. When the floors are manufactured they are fully sanded smooth to the touch and ready for their end use. We typically leave the floors in their natural golden brown state when making the Teak Shower floors. The floors left in its natural state are perfectly fine especially if you prefer the lighter golden brown color teak is known for. Just know depending on how much use the floor gets over time the floor left in natural state may look dull over time and not as lustrous in color. If this occurs floor should be removed from shower and lightly sanded down to open up the pours in the hardwood. Clean the surface once sanded with a light cloth or water to remove the wood residue and place back into the shower. Only reason to sand the floor is if you start to see the floor look dull in color otherwise it can remain in its home.
  • However, if you want to help prolong the Teak Shower floors it is recommended to apply oil to the floor. This will help seal the floor and ensure the floor is fully hydrated to help prolong its lifespan. The trick is once you apply the oil to the floor it must be maintained and reapplied regularly. A good rule of thumb we suggest is applying every 6-12 months. You will see the floor start to lighten up over time and not be as dark in color as it started with. Once the oil is applied this will darken the teak to a rich dark golden brown color.
  • What type of oil is recommended for the floor? Well we suggest using a Food Grade Mineral oil added to the floor. The mineral oil is clear in color and does not alter the color of the teak. Some teak oils have a stain built in that gives it a yellow or orange hue. Sticking with the Food Grade mineral oil will eliminate any stains or altering of color.
  • If applying the food grade mineral oil to the Teak Shower floor we suggest using a generous amount on the top and bottom side of the floor. The floor should be removed out from the shower area when applying. You can use a soft cloth or foam brush for application. Let dry for about 12-24 hours to ensure it is truly soaked through. Then place floor back into shower. Depending on the amount of use for the floor this should last 6-12 months till reapplication is needed.

Hope this helped in deciding whether to leave your floor in its Natural state vs. Oiling. Find out more information on our Teak Shower floors page at CaribTeak.com or teakshowerfloors.com