Trinidad Teak Promise

At Carib Teak, a healthy global environment is always our primary concern. We focus our Teak Wood harvesting operations in Trinidad, W.I. where there is a high priority for sound forest management. In addition, the locations in Trinidad where we mill our Teak Lumber gain a significant economical impact because we employ many locals from the surrounding area.

Harvesting Teak Logs

In an effort to preserve a natural resource, we do not clear cut out our Teak fields. We simply thin our fields and allow room for the younger Teak trees to reach maturity. The Teak trees we harvest are a minimum of 35 years old. The Teak fields in which our teak lumber is harvested from are slow growth and organic. This prevents our trees from growing rapidly like common plantation teak. This ensures that the teak lumber product will hold its genuine beauty.

Conflict Free Teak Lumber

Carib Teak mills its Trinidad Teak wood from trees that were cultivated from these Burmese Teak seeds. These Burmese Teak seeds were planted on the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean over 100 years ago. The Ministry of Forestry of Trinidad and Tobago manages these Teak forests.  This ministry guides and monitors all operations which ensure’s that deforestation is not occurring. These practices help preserve this natural resource which is becoming endangered today.