Custom Projects


Ipe Wood Park Bench Project

Project Name: New York City Ipe Wood Benches Manufactured By: Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, LLC Project Date: October 15, 2016 Wood Type: 8/4 S4S Ipe Wood Location: Jupiter, Florida Project Time: 4 days – Start to Finish (Material Prep

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Surfaced FEQ Burmese Teak Wood

Project Name: The Hawaii Project – Portion Three Manufactured By: Caribbean Teak & Lumber Supply, LLC Project Date: March 31, 2017 Wood Type: 8/4 (S4S) Surfaced FEQ Burmese Teak Location: Jupiter, Florida Project Time: 5 days – Start to Finish

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Spanish Cedar Pool Fence

Francis and Rasheeda needed to give their pool deck a fresh new look before their annual New Year’s Eve Party. The original pool fence was manufactured using pressure treated pine. Over time it began to decay and rot. After close inspection we determined that the 4×4 posts were still in good condition. We suggested re-coating the the posts with an oil-based paint and replace the cross-members using Spanish Cedar Wood since it was a light weight durable exotic wood.

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Teak Butcherblock Countertop

The couple we did this Teak Butcher Block Counter-Top project for was initially quoted an unimaginable price by another Teak supplier. They came to us for a more affordable alternative. We recommended they use Trinidad Teak Wood. Their request was for a unique piece of wooden art to use as their kitchen island counter top. We hand selected the most unique pieces of Trinidad Teak wood we had and got right to work! We used 4/4 Trinidad Teak Wood instead of the traditional 12/4 Burmese Teak.

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Mahogany Credenza

We are often privileged enough to meet and help special customers. This Credenza was made by a unique customer for a touching reason. G. Guy Made this beautiful piece of work out of Genuine Mahogany Wood from Trinidad for his daughter as a wedding gift. We didn’t just hand select perfect Mahogany boards, we carefully chose the ones that had small knots that possessed uniform grain. It wasn’t an easy task but we were glad to do it when we found out what the Mahogany Wood was for. Mr. Guy drove across the state to collect his Mahogany Lumber we picked out for his project.

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Teak Shower Floor

Teak Shower Floors are becoming more popular lately. The rich timeless look it adds to a stand up shower is as unique as it is practical. You see Teak hardly ever grows mildew or mold. Teak Wood is so hard that its rot and decay rate is very low. This is what makes Teak Shower floors so durable. Adding in this Teak Shower floor for one of our customers gave their shower floor an elegant look and also made it safer by adding more grip. Standing on a Teak Shower Floor while shower prevents slipping in the shower area. Manufacturing these shower floors is tedious and takes a bit of time for such a simple build. Each Teak batten is milled to the specifications of the shower area.

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