Please see our various woodworking projects for ideas and inspiration.

American Walnut Butcherblock countertop – Port St Lucie, Fl

We had the pleasure of working with a nice couple in Port St lucie looking to create a custom countertop for their office space. They wanted the warm wood to soften the white custom cabinetry for their office desk. They chose to use American walnut for its rich dark chocolate color to offset the lighter cabinets in the room. We were happy to work with them on their vision and design.

White Oak Shower floor – Lake Mary, FL

We recently worked with a design team located in Lake Mary Florida renovating a lake house on the water. They incorporated custom hardwood floors and cabinetry using white oak throughout the house and wanted to mimic the design and look in the guest bathroom overlooking the lake. This was our first shower floor using the White Oak hardwood and we were excited to take on the project.

Custom Hardwood Cumaru Fence – Horizontal design – Port St Lucie, Fl

At Carib Teak we provide clients with various species of hardwoods that can withstand the outdoor elements and last a lifetime. We offer design consultations on their outdoor area when looking to build a fence or outdoor deck. This particular client wanted to use Hardwood lumber that would be structurally sound and endure the elements of the outdoors, yet have an appealing design and enhance the outdoor space.

Custom Burmese Teak Shower Floor and Step-In – Scottsdale, AZ

The Carib Teak team was contacted by the client interested in a Teak Shower floor for his master shower. He had an unusual entry into the shower that included a step-in prior to the entry of the Master Shower floor.
We worked closely with the customer to design and manufacture the Teak Shower floor and Teak Step-in to fit perfectly!