Facts & Tips

Please see below for all our Carib Teak Facts and Tips!

Top 7 Tips of Teak Wood

When comparing exterior hardwoods there are several hardwoods to choose from. From Genuine Mahogany to Cypress and Ipe there is one in particular that is far superior than the rest. Burmese Teak or Teak Wood also known as “King of Hardwoods”. This Exotic Hardwood is by far our favorite species to work with and our specialty at Carib Teak, Inc.  We enjoy seeing the beautiful projects that are made from this unique and gorgeous wood.  In this blog we will list our Top 7 reasons why Teak wood is our choice species.

Ipe Decking Facts & Tips

The client was in need of replacing his current deck with an updated wood deck! He had seen Ipe decking at a neighbors house and loved the color and grain pattern. He immediately found us online and we went to work! He wanted a durable and stable hardwood that would last for years and withstand the elements of the weather. We assured him that Hardwood Ipe wood was his best bet in accomplishing his outdoor deck project!

Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar, or Cedrela odorata, comes from the Meliaceae family of trees and is found primarily in the Caribbean, Central America and South America. There is also decent quality Spanish Cedar wood grown on plantations in Ghana and The Ivory Coast. Like “Red Cedar” and the names of many other lumber species, the term this species is quite misleading.