Treatment & Care

Everything you need to know to keep your hardwoods looking great and long lasting.

Trinidad Teak Promise

At Carib Teak, a healthy global environment is always our primary concern. We focus our Teak Wood harvesting operations in Trinidad, W.I. where there is a high priority for sound forest management. In addition, the locations in Trinidad where we mill our Teak Lumber gain a significant economical impact because we employ many locals from the surrounding area.

Teak Hardwood

Even though it is durable you must still provide treatment and care for Teak Wood in order to protect it from the elements. When left untreated, teak wood will eventually weather to a grayish-silver patina that some Teak Wood lovers find unique and attractive. This aging process is purely cosmetic and does not affect the strength or quality of the teak wood. Some people buy Teak Wood with the intention of letting it weather. Other Teak Wood enthusiasts would rather it to maintain the rich golden color that teak wood holds when it is freshly milled.